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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tag for the master himself

Hello dear enthousiasts,

Well it finally happened. I made Tim Holtz a tag.... I read his blog the other day and he was clearing out the garage. He stumbled upon a collection of wooden type set letters he bought a few years ago. He decided to use the letters to revamp his craft desk. He asked in his blog if people knew where to get more of those wooden letters because not all of the table was covered.


I happen to have three of those blocks..... My initials, given to me by my mother.
So I decided to write Tim an email to ask him if he would like to have my three letters for his collection, and if so, where to send them, as they are only gathering dust in my own craft room as I only used them once to make my mum a card.
Within two hours he replied!!! I couldn't believe it. He was honoured to add them to his table and gave me his address..
So the next day I made a package and decided to send a tag with it to tell him how honoured and proud I am that a piece of me will be in his crafting studio. He is after all the reason I started making tags in the first place. My style before I heard of Tim Holtz was rather boring and not really a style.
Everything I know about crafting I learned from watching YouTube videos of Mr. Holtz. And I have two of his books, Compendium of Curiosities 1 and 2, one of them signed. (Can you tell I am a huge fan?) Well without further adue........


I put some bright colours of distress stains (by Tim Holtz) on my craft sheet. I dragged my tag through it to colour it. It created the most beautiful rainbow of colours....
I stamped it with stamps from Stampers Anonymous (by Tim Holtz) and added some mini brads ( by Tim Holtz). I added the red ribbon and a muse token (by Tim Holtz)
I misted over the whole thing with a perfect pearl mist and added a sentiment using a label maker.
(now I really wish I had better handwriting)
As I write this it is sinking in that my "guru" of crafting is going to see this. Still can't believe it.
Anyway, here also a photo of the blocks I sent him. I wonder if I will get a thank you..... I will let you know of course.
Take care and until next time!

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