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Friday, February 8, 2019

Fluffy bow tutorial revisited..

I know I know it has been ages since I last posted. Life and the holidays happened and before that I moved my entire craft space into a new room. Anyhooo, as people keep asking how I make my fluffy bows, I decided to do a new tutorial, as the first one dated back to 2014!

To keep it simple and easy to see, I used a blank tag and uncoloured ribbon, I always stain my ribbons to match my projects.

I use Tim Holtz' crinkle ribbon for my ribbons, but as that is discontinued, you can use silk rayon seam binding, available at sewing shops.

My big love is tags, I must admit that I have strayed to cards lately, but still tags are my favourite to work on.

I start by wrapping the ribbon around my hand like this for about 7 times and cut it. I always keep a huge jar on my desk, filled with pre cut pieces of ribbon. That way I just have to reach into my jar, pull a piece out and stain it or stamp on it and use it on my cards or tags.

Thread the ribbon through the hole of the tag and cut a piece off, long enough to tie a simple bow. This is the "cheating" part *wink wink*.

Now wrap the remaining piece of ribbon around your hand again. I always try to keep the ends in the middle of my hand, so you get nice loops. I never mind if the ribbon gets a little twisted, it adds to the fluffiness :-)

Now slide the loops off your hand and put them on the threaded hole of the tag. Next step is tying a ribbon on top of this, with the piece you threaded through the hole of the tag. 

This is how it will look "unfluffed"... 

To fluff your bow just pull the loops apart and it will get nice and fluffy.

For the final touch cut any ends of the ribbon by folding it in half and snip. This will create nice swallow tail ends to your bow.

And now you end up with a luscious fluffy bow adorning your tag. I have another tutorial on how to stain the ribbons and how to put them on cards. Feel free to browse on my blog :-)

Here a small selection of fluffiness lol. I stain my ribbons with distress inks, distress markers or distress inks/oxides. This way your ribbons always match your project.

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to seeing fluffy bows everywhere ♡♡♡♡

Take care and keep your craft on!