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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Altered plastic coins

Hello there,

For about 6 weeks now, a "coin goblin" has been leaving plastic coins in fence posts and on stones outside of our property. They keep popping up every now and again. I have been collecting them and wound up with 25 of them now. I decided to alter them to make them look like they were a treasure buried at sea. It is very easy to do and here are the steps I took:

These are some of the coins I am talking about. Regular plastic tokens. 

I rubbed grit paste on various spots of the coins. This will emulate rust. As metal oxidizes in salt water, we need a rusty crusty look. I just put my finger in the jar and smear it on.

As you can see I didn't cover them completely, I do want to see some of the writing and image on the coins. I let them air dry for a couple of hours and then they are ready to be painted.

I covered the surface and the side with tarnished brass distress paint of some of them.

And brushed pewter on the other coins.  They look weathered already, but not rusty enough.

I rubbed some rusty hinge paint on my gold coloured coins...

And black soot paint on my silver ones. This makes them look affected by the sea and time already!

As silver only blackens and rusts a little bit, I only rubbed a little vintage photo distress crayon over it so it gets a hint of rustiness. The gold coins need more work.

I rubbed the gold coin with cracked pistachio distress paint. This will give it an awesome oxidized look! Then a but more tarnished brass and antiqued bronze paint. We don't want to lose all the shimmer. I also used some rusty hinge and cracked pistachio distress crayon and finished it off with vintage photo crayon, just like the silver coin. I distressed some coins more than others to make it look more real.

When you throw them on a pile they look like I dove them up from the sea bed! All I need now is a treasure chest to put them in ;-)

The tutorial on that one will follow soon...

Thank you so much for stepping by.
Take care and....
Keep your craft on :-)