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Thursday, April 2, 2015

a Firefly challenge

A friend of mine is a big fan of the show Firefly.
I never heard of it befor she mentioned it and it was featured
in an episode of the Big Bang Theory. I still have no clue.

This friend showed me a piece of memorabilia relating to the show,
and I immediately thought...I have to replicate this in paper.

So I did. Well I tried hahaha. It took me a few tries and I
am not sure....but my friend, Megan, loves them. So in a way I
was successful hahaha.

I had to look up information on Pinterest as I didn't
know how or what or anything.

These will only make sense to Browncoats, as
fans of the show are called. ( yaay for pinterest hahaha)

This was my first attempt. I cut the tag and the piece on it to the desired
shape. Thee background is copper and the front piece is brass.
So I stained both in the respective colours with distress stain.
With an alphabet set I stamped the lyric on it and attached it to the background
with brads. Then I flattened them with my little Tim Holtz hammer.

I made this tag the same as the other one, only here I used paints instead of ink.
I still wasn't totally satisfied as the original is a metal plaque with the
lyric punched or stamped into it. So it is more dimensional.

So I had to think of something dimensional.......EMBOSSING PASTE!

This is the closest I came to the original. I cut two pieces of grunge board,
as that is chunkier than plain card stock. I painted the back with the copper paint
and then after it dried, I covered it with embossing ink and heat embossed it with copper UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel). It took a few layers as it kept bubbling up.
The smaller piece I covered with a thick layer of gold embossing paste. I let it dry for a short while and then stamped the lyric into it while still soft. This created the effect I was looking for. The ink however did not show that well, so after it was all hard I traced the letters with a black fine marker. I punched a hole in it with my Big Bite and put a black eyelet in it and voila!!

They are on their way to you Megan!!!!

thank you for dropping by and until next time....take care.