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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Altered plastic coins

Hello there,

For about 6 weeks now, a "coin goblin" has been leaving plastic coins in fence posts and on stones outside of our property. They keep popping up every now and again. I have been collecting them and wound up with 25 of them now. I decided to alter them to make them look like they were a treasure buried at sea. It is very easy to do and here are the steps I took:

These are some of the coins I am talking about. Regular plastic tokens. 

I rubbed grit paste on various spots of the coins. This will emulate rust. As metal oxidizes in salt water, we need a rusty crusty look. I just put my finger in the jar and smear it on.

As you can see I didn't cover them completely, I do want to see some of the writing and image on the coins. I let them air dry for a couple of hours and then they are ready to be painted.

I covered the surface and the side with tarnished brass distress paint of some of them.

And brushed pewter on the other coins.  They look weathered already, but not rusty enough.

I rubbed some rusty hinge paint on my gold coloured coins...

And black soot paint on my silver ones. This makes them look affected by the sea and time already!

As silver only blackens and rusts a little bit, I only rubbed a little vintage photo distress crayon over it so it gets a hint of rustiness. The gold coins need more work.

I rubbed the gold coin with cracked pistachio distress paint. This will give it an awesome oxidized look! Then a but more tarnished brass and antiqued bronze paint. We don't want to lose all the shimmer. I also used some rusty hinge and cracked pistachio distress crayon and finished it off with vintage photo crayon, just like the silver coin. I distressed some coins more than others to make it look more real.

When you throw them on a pile they look like I dove them up from the sea bed! All I need now is a treasure chest to put them in ;-)

The tutorial on that one will follow soon...

Thank you so much for stepping by.
Take care and....
Keep your craft on :-)


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Playing with foil

I'm baaack... my apologies for neglecting my blog.. I totally lacked blog worthy inspiration. But I was asked to do a tutorial on foil, so that is the perfect opportunity to take up blogging again.
I made a Halloween card with a rainbow skull, using foil, and a few fellow crafters asked how I did it. So here it goes:

This technique works best if you use big die cuts and black cardstock. I decided to make two more of the skull cards and a dashing deer christmas card. Both dies are by Tim Holtz.

I used a thicker black card stock so the foil will really pop.

This technique only works if you use a glue that stays tacky after it dries. I have used this Tombow glue as it dries very quick and stays super sticky. And I have used 2 in 1 glue pens that stay sticky also for foiling writing or drawn images. I know there are special glues and pastes for foiling, but I am still in the experimenting phase, so I haven't gotten those yet ;-)

You could use a brush, but as this glue dries so quickly, I prefer to use my finger to smear the glue all over my die cuts.

For this skull I am using a rainbow coloured foil. I am also making a skull with an opal foil, that is a bit iridescent, and a gold/brown stag.

You cover the image with the colour side up. I always fold up a paper towel or tissue and rub it over the foil, to press the foil onto the glued surface. There are foiling machines that will give you a perfect foiled finish. I am more of a distress girl, so I prefer this look as it is not that perfect. You can see the streaks you made with your finger and sometimes there are areas where the glue didn't quite get to. But to me that makes it more beautiful ;-)

Here you see all three die cuts with the foils rubbed on. I always leave it for ten minutes just to make sure that the glue is really dry. After that the big reveal... always exciting!!

How colourful is this? I always pull it off quite carefully because when the foil didn't take well, or I missed a spot with rubbing, I can press it down again and rub it some more.

Tadaaaa... the finished rainbow skull.

This is the opal/iridescent one....

And my dashing deer. Yep I think I really like foiling!!
Now I have to turn them into cards :-)

I used the same technique on the die cut words...

And last but not least the dashing deer in golden brown.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you got inspired to dabble with some foil, like I did.

Take care and keep your craft on!


Friday, February 8, 2019

Fluffy bow tutorial revisited..

I know I know it has been ages since I last posted. Life and the holidays happened and before that I moved my entire craft space into a new room. Anyhooo, as people keep asking how I make my fluffy bows, I decided to do a new tutorial, as the first one dated back to 2014!

To keep it simple and easy to see, I used a blank tag and uncoloured ribbon, I always stain my ribbons to match my projects.

I use Tim Holtz' crinkle ribbon for my ribbons, but as that is discontinued, you can use silk rayon seam binding, available at sewing shops.

My big love is tags, I must admit that I have strayed to cards lately, but still tags are my favourite to work on.

I start by wrapping the ribbon around my hand like this for about 7 times and cut it. I always keep a huge jar on my desk, filled with pre cut pieces of ribbon. That way I just have to reach into my jar, pull a piece out and stain it or stamp on it and use it on my cards or tags.

Thread the ribbon through the hole of the tag and cut a piece off, long enough to tie a simple bow. This is the "cheating" part *wink wink*.

Now wrap the remaining piece of ribbon around your hand again. I always try to keep the ends in the middle of my hand, so you get nice loops. I never mind if the ribbon gets a little twisted, it adds to the fluffiness :-)

Now slide the loops off your hand and put them on the threaded hole of the tag. Next step is tying a ribbon on top of this, with the piece you threaded through the hole of the tag. 

This is how it will look "unfluffed"... 

To fluff your bow just pull the loops apart and it will get nice and fluffy.

For the final touch cut any ends of the ribbon by folding it in half and snip. This will create nice swallow tail ends to your bow.

And now you end up with a luscious fluffy bow adorning your tag. I have another tutorial on how to stain the ribbons and how to put them on cards. Feel free to browse on my blog :-)

Here a small selection of fluffiness lol. I stain my ribbons with distress inks, distress markers or distress inks/oxides. This way your ribbons always match your project.

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to seeing fluffy bows everywhere ♡♡♡♡

Take care and keep your craft on!


Monday, October 8, 2018

Magical Mysteries Blog Hop

It’s Blog Hop time and we are featuring the magical mysteries line from Rita Barakat and Emerald Creek!

We are hoping to introduce you to many ways of using these new and mysterious embossing powders, turning your works into magical art.

To enter the contest just comment on every project in the Hop by clicking through the links at the bottom of the page. The contest closes October 10 at11:59pm One lucky winner will be announced Friday October 12. 




Freddie {me ;-)}

I am excited to have been invited to join the Magical Mysteries Blog Hop for the new embossing powders from Rita Barakat and Emerald Creek. And they are Magical and Mystical indeed!

The powders have an iridescent sheen or shimmer and give your project a magical look.
As I had trouble deciding what project to make for this blog post, I decided to do both of them, to show you the versatility of the powders. So you will have to excuse the lengthy post, but I assure you, if you love embossing powders as much as I do, it is worth the read ;-). And be sure to visit the other participants of the hop for more inspiration!

When I get new powders I always make swatches of them. This way I can see instantly what effect I am looking for.

These are the glorious powders I got to work with for this blog hop.

This is the first project I made using no less than 5 of the Magical Mysteries powders. I will show you the step by step.

I stamped the koi on a tag, a stamp from the Upstream set by Nicole Wright Designs for Emerald Creek. I used the Kiss of the Fairy, a perfect mix of pink and iridescent powder. I covered it with a mask so I can ink over it, without covering the stamped image. I inked over it with embossing ink and heat embossed it with the blue of the Fairy Wings kit. It has a beautiful metallic sheen to it. 

The coloured powders in the fairy wings kit, are an iridescent chunky powder, and jars with fine green, purple, pink, blue and gold powder. I used the blue to emboss the waves also, they too are from the Upstream set. 

You may or may not know this, but you can heat emboss metal embellishments. I wanted to give these metal brads, the Fleur Crest from Emerald Creek, a different look, so I held them with tweezers and heated them up and dipped them lightly in the jar of the Fairy Wings Gold powder and watched it melt. 

I stamped the sentiment Just a Note, also from ECCS, and embossed it with the Fairy Wings Purple. I inked the edges and added my brads.

I cut some ivy with the Spring Greenery decorative strip from Tim Holtz and used the Green Fairy Wings powder to give it colour. 

As I wanted add some more dimension to my tag, I decided to stamp the fish again and embossed it the same as the first time, but fussy cut it so I can mount it with some foam tape. With poor quality embossing powders it might come off when you cut close to them. This stays right where it should!

As the finishing touch I use a bow on my tags. I always customize them using my distress products, either ink, stain or marker. This Victorial Velvet cme closest to the Kiss of the Fairy colour of the koi.

This is the finished tag.

To show you that you can make something in a completely different style with these, I made a card using only die cuts and the embossing powders. 

For the background I heatembossed an entire card topper with the Midnight Magic powder. A black and a warm blue metallic powder. Then I cut the parcels with a Triplits set from Sizzix called Gifts. You can mix and match, so they are really fun with all these yummy colours.
All the pastels and the gold from the Fairy Wings Kit were used.

I had fun playing with these, and I couldn't choose which card or tag to show, so I did both.

Thank you so much for stepping by :-), if you want to see more of my work, have a look at my Instagram @freddiesleijpen

Take care and keep your craft on!


Friday, September 7, 2018

Drip edge die Tim Holtz

Hello fellow crafter,

Last week I made a couple of Halloween cards using the Drip Edge Die by Tim Holtz. This week I used the die in a different way. I made a chocolate cake card and a S'mores card, using this very die.
This die made my head spin with ideas, from slime and blood to icing and melted marshmallows.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how I made my S'mores card. I will also do a recap on the other cards I made, but I didn't take pics while making them, so I hope you get the idea anyway.

To create the look of the crackers, I cut a square Kraft card blank with a pair of scalloped scissors. I cut away more on the top to create a 3D effect. 

I used a background stamp and Distress Oxide to create a bit of the illusion of a cracker. 

I inked the edges with Ground espresso Distress ink to give it a bit more oomph, and make it look less like a card, and more like a yummy cookie.

What is a s'more without chocolate? I cut a piece of brown card stock and covered the edges that will peep out of the card with embossing ink. I heat embossed it with Just Java embossing powder by Emerald Creek Craft Supplies. I could have used the Chocolate Dream one, but I wanted to go for a darker shade, so I went for the coffee one. So this card will smell like coffee :-).

For my marshmallow I cut two drips and cut the longer drips off, so it looks more marshmallowy lol.

I cover them with embossing ink and heat emboss them with Vanilla Sugar embossing powder, also from Emerald Creek. It smells divine and gives the drips a lush look. 

I glue the "marshmallow" strips on the back of the "top cracker" and then glue the "chocolate" over that. So when you close the card it looks like a s'more!

And this is what it looks like. The metal tag is only there to prevent the pic from being pinched ;-).

This is the cake card I made. I inked a piece of TH heavy card stock with ground espresso DI. Then inked a part in the middle with an embossing ink dabber and heat embossed it with Chocolate Dream embossing powder. This will be the "filling" of the cake so to speak. 
The icing is again the drip die heatembossed with the Vanilla Sugar. I spritzed the "cake" with water to give it some interest. The sentiment is a no brainer haha. I stamped it with archival ink on white card stock and inked it with Antique linen DI and the edge with walnut stain DI. 
And there you have a paper chocolate cake!

This slime card was the first idea I had with the die. I stamped the bugs from the Entymology stamp set by Tim Holtz with lifted off Alcohol ink. The new Lift Ink from Ranger is the best thing since the Oxides! I inked over the images with Wilted Violet, Carved Pumpkin and Twisted Citron DI. I splattered some water and dried it. I inked the edges with walnut stain DI, like I do most of my projects. The sentiment I stamped with archival ink. I pressed my finger on my Mowed lawn DI pad and made the finger prints. The drips are heat embossed with Apple Martini green embossing powder. I just love the look of that slime!!! I stamped some cobwebs on black cardstock with picket fence DI and mounted it all on a card blank. 

And last but not least my bloody Halloween card. I inked a piece of Kraft resist Seasonal paper from Tim Holtz. I finally gathered the courage to cut it into card topper sized pieces, after it has been in my stash for years. Again I used Twisted Citron, Carved Pumpkin and Wilted Violet DI. I used the Damask stencil and Black soot DO to give it more texture and I used the black with the word Boo from the Halloween Script stencil. I used carved pumpkin Distress crayon through the pumpkin stencil and Antique Linen DC with the Skull stencil. It gives the card a bit more texture. The drip I inked with Festive Berries distress ink and covered it with Spiced Candy embossing powder, which is a glorious transluscent red and smells like cinnamon. I used red paint to add some "blood" on the edges of the card and the finger prints. The ribbon I stained with my Halloween trinity Twisted Citron, Carved pumpkin and wilted violet Distress stain. I dried it and added the bow to the card. I have various bow tutorials on my blog if you fancy a look. I added a metal skull from my stash to the bow and still it was missing something. I had a skull laying around I made from paper clay and a mold, so I added that, after I gave it some personality with a distress marker, old paper I believe. The paper clay soaks it right up!

And this concludes my hommage to the Drip Edge Die by Tim Holtz and Sizzix. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my rather lengthy post. 

I hope to see you again here.

Thank you and take care, and....

Keep your craft on!