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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Distress stain dabber splatter

A while back I made a christmas card with this technique, and quite a few people asked for a turorial. So here the step by step on how to make cards and tags with this technique.

This is the christmas card in question. It makes very colorful and fun cards and is incredibly easy.

For this tutorial I used a mixed media tag and I selected a few colours of distress stains to start with.

All I did was splat the stain, with a little bit of force, on the tag. Some create bigger splats than others. Sometimes a drop of one colour will land in the other. Of you don't want these to mix, heat set the individual colours in between splats.

I finished my splats and stamped a sentiment over it after the splatters were dry. I stained a piece of crinkle ribbon with distress stain, and will thread that through the hole of the tag.

I inked the edges with a tiny bit of walnut stain distress ink to give it a bit of depth and as a finishing touch I added the fluffy bow.

The stamp set is by Emerald Creek Craft Supplies . For more inspiration look on

Thank you so much for taking time to have a peek. 

Take care and keep your craft on :-)