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Friday, June 17, 2016

published in Making Cards Magazine

The greatest thing happened!! One of my projects was published in the Making Cards Magazine in the UK. I am so proud and excited I could burst!!

A while back a friend of mine showed me a picture of a project made by Tracey Evans in a magazine. She asked if I could make something similar. So I gave it a whirl.

I posted it on Facebook and somehow it got back to the artist in question. She tagged the editor of the magazine and that lady contacted me. She asked for a picture of the project and a certain picture of me that she saw on facebook. So I emailed her the photos and awaited patiently.

months passed and I didn't hear anything, so I thought they changed their minds. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

But then out if the blue, yesterday a friend of mine posted on my facebook wall that I was in a magazine!! So I was over the moon!!

This is the tag trifold in question. 

And lil ole meeee in the magazine!!
One of the biggest compliments one can get!!

Thank you for stepping by and sharing 
in my joy!

Hopefully until next time,
take care.


  1. Congratulations Freddie! This is awesome!!

    1. ank you! I am still pinching myself. I got the magazine copy today in the mail...eeeekkkkk!!!!

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  3. Biggest congratulations! This is such a fabulous trio, so worthy of print! Enjoy the moment! <3

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for taking the time to step by my blog and leave a comment. Much appreciated :-) :-)