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Friday, March 3, 2017

Perfect pearls tutorial

Wow.... this has been an exciting couple of days. Not only did I win a mixed media challenge, but Ranger Ink has been reposting my Instagram post, of a work in progress with perfect pearls. On their post on facebook quite a few ladies asked for a here it goes!

This is the unfinished tag in question, as I only have this pic and the one of the finished tag, I decided to do the whole process again with another tag, and make sure to take pics at every step.
This is the finished shell tag. I love this stamp by Emerald Creek Craft Supplies. The little semi precious stones are from the Quarry range, also by Emerald Creek. 

This is how I made a similar tag:

You need a stamp, your surface, I prefer tags, some colors of Perfect Pearls, Perfect Medium, a fine brush and a broader brush, a spray bottle of water and I finish off with hair spray. Just to make sure nothing rubbs off when I send it in the mail.

I stamped my image with Perfect Medium. No need to use black Perfect Medium as your surface is already black. I do use black Medium when stamping on lighter surfaces, that way the Perfect Pearls shine even more. 

Then I color the image with different colors. I leave the excess powder there, as when you brush it away at this stage, you brush it only areas you want to give another color. And once the powder is stuck.... it is stuck!
All colors are done, the whole image is colored. Now the real magic will happen......brushing away the exces powder, to reveal the crisp image.....

Tadaaaaaa. It is fine as it is, but ever since the release of the distress oxides, I have been quite obessed with them. And their chalky finish, once oxidised, makes the pearlescence of the perfect pearls pop even more. So this is what I did......

I surrounded it with broken china Oxide. I left a bit of a black border around the image, just so it stands out even more.

This is the finished tag. I did not add any embellishments at this stage, as I might want to add a banner with a sentiment at some point. Not sure yet.

Thank you so much for your visit and have a wonderful day :-)

Keep your craft on and take care.