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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alcohol ink background tutorial

I posted some tags today in various facebook groups and people kept asking me how I make the tartan/plaid backgrounds on some of them.

It is done with an ink blending tool and alcohol inks.

I cut some blank tags from specialty paper for alcohol inks. That could be glossy paper or just coated  paper. I have both but for this technique I prefer the coated paper that is also suited for copics or promarkers.
Most people that know me know I love working on tags. 

I squirted some alcohol
inks colours on my blending tool with felt. 

I drag the tool at an angle over the tag and create streaks of ink.

Once the whole tag is covered I reapply the colours on the blending tool and drag them over the tag in the other direction...
This creates the plaid effect....

This is a plain horizontal pattern. 

I like to do diagonal ones too, just to get some variety.

And this is how that looks like when finished. The possibilities are endless. It looks amazing in pastel colours aswel. 

It is so easy to do and quite addictive... :-)

For some detail you can draw some lines with a sharpie. Here I added a simple gold line.

Just give it a whirl, it is so fun and it gives you instant backgrounds. Just add embellishments or stamp over it.

Thank you for visiting. Take care and keep your craft on ;-)



  1. Going to try this for some Christmas cards!!! Cool technique.

    1. Oh you should Jean, it is fun and so easy. And the backgrounds are always unique. Have fun!

  2. You always give such clear, concise directions! (did you ever consider being a teacher?) ���� Perfection!

    1. Awwww thanks! No I never wanted to becone a teacher as I don't like kids much hahaha. Thank you again for your kind words :-) :-)

  3. Ok this is FANTABULOUS!!! thank you for sharing!

    1. You are soooooo welcome! Be warned.... it is HIGHLY addictive!!

    2. You are soooooo welcome! Be warned.... it is HIGHLY addictive!!

  4. Thankyou Frederique xx��xx Maz