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Sunday, January 25, 2015

step by step tutorial for staining crinkle ribbon

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The other day I was asked how I make my ribbons match my projects. It is a technique I learned watching Tim Holtz and various other artists.

So here a step by step explanation of how I do it.

I start by cutting a piece of crinkle ribbon, my favourite ribbon of all time.

I choose the colours I want to use, most of the time two or three different ones. You can also use distress stain or even distress markers.

I swipe some on my craft sheet. You can also use distress stains or even the markers.

You then spritz water on the colours until you have bigger droplets.

 This is the effect you are going for. If you want stronger colours, you just use more ink and less water.

 And then you just drop in your crinkle ribbon!

You play with it until you have the desired effect.

If you want it really crinkly you can squeeze the ribbon in your hand. Be careful though because if you squeeze too much you end up with one muddy colour....

If you like the colour effects you can dry it with your heat tool. Don't be alarmed when you see steam coming from the ribbon, it is heat resistant and will turn shiny once it dries. If you think the colours are too bright, you can squeeze the ribbon in a paper towel to get rid of some of the colour befor heating it.

And this is the end result. I didn't use much ink, so this is coloured very lightly.

So now you can always match your ribbon and bows to your project.

Thank you for your visit and keep your craft on.

Until next time, take care.



  1. Fab share !! One if my fave ways to colour ribbon xx

  2. Great tutorial Freddie :D .... and I've never heard of the tim holtz crinkle ribbon! cheers for making me spend money again!! xxSAMxx (Lewis)

    1. Thank you and SORRY.... lol... there are cheaper cotton silk ribbons on the market I believe... Rhondda told me yesterday....on eBay. Have a fab day xxxx