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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A non paper craft project

Welcome dear reader,
Today I would like to share a project I made that doesn't involve paper crafting.
I wanted something flowery for my kitchen window and I had this idea in my head for months. It took a while for me to find the right piece of wood though. And for me to gather all the flowers as they are not cheap!
But today was the day I finally was able to realise my idea.
Jeroen was kind enough to put two hooks in the wall so I can hang up my creation.
I started with a piece of beautiful piece of hazelnut wood. The marking of the bark is beautiful. I attached two ribbon bows to hang it up with. I secured them on the wood with thumb tacks. And I secured the bows with hot glue to prevent them from coming undone.
I put the wood on a table and started putting the flowers and greenery in place and secured them with duct tape to be able to pick it up and see how it looks.
Once I was happy with it all I cut off the ends and glued it all to the wood with my glue gun.
After it all cooled down I hung it up and started to add more ribbon bows for some colour.
I quite like how it turned out.
Well until next time,
Take care


  1. Wow that looks fantastic. What a lovely way to screen a window.

    1. I just did not fancy putting a screen or nets there, so this was my flowery alternative lol xxx

  2. Wow, what a unique way to dress a window!!! It's a fabulous idea and a looks wonderful.