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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Long overdue

Dear bloggers,

I know I know, it has been a while. Battling flue and pneumonia takes a lot of time and to be honest I was in no mood to craft.

But that is all behind us now and spring is in the air. And my inspiration is back as well.

So without further adieu here some projects I have been working on in the last couple of days.


This is a birthday card I made for a first birthday of a cousin.
This card I made for my mom, well, she ordered this one for a friend who is moving.
Tim Holtz's 12 tags of 2013 inspired me to make this one. As you can see the perfect pearl is ready for action.....

 Here you see the sheen of the pearl powder.

And the finished product.
 I got in the mood for a retro style tag.
 This tag I made for my aunt who loves the beach, it was her birthday last month.
 Sometimes I look at a stamp set and just have to create something. This is the result.
You can see the shiny heat embossed details I stamped.
Well that was it for now. I am sorry that not all pictures are larger. I yet have to figure out why I can enlarge some and not all of them.....
I learn as I go along.
Until nest time!
Take care,

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