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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

fluffy bow tutorial

Today I want to share how I make the fluffy bows on top of my tags.
I tried explaining it in various facebook groups as people kept asking,
but it is easier with visual back up I guess hahaha.

I made a tag out of ledger paper and embellished it a little bit
and stamped the sentiment on it. But the focal point is the bow in this case.

 I stained the ribbon in the colour abandoned coral. The February colour of distress.

 I cut a shorter piece off the ribbon. About 1/4 of the length.

then thread the shorter piece through the hole of the tag.

 Then I wrap the ribbon around my hand to create loops.

 I slide the loops off my hand..

 Put the loops on the shorter ribbon.
 And tie the loops down with the shorter piece of bow. This might take some practice...

 And then tie a bow and that is that...

My finished tag with fluffy bow...

Until next time and thank you for stoppong by.

Take care



  1. Wonderful simple tutorial Freddie. Thankyou xxSAMxx

    1. Cheers, I tried to explain as best as I could lol. I hope it makes sense :-). Xxxx

  2. Very Cheerful... love that color. Awesome tag.

    1. Thanks Anna. That abandoned coral is so vivid. A perfect colour for spring :-) xxx

  3. So glad you made this tutorial! Love, love, love your bows (& your other creations too!)!

    1. Thank you! I hope it was helpful :-). Thank you for stepping by xox

  4. Replies
    1. You are very welcome. I will be making a new tutorial soon, this one is a bit older and I have "perfected" it a bit more.
      Thanks ever so much for stepping by :-)